13 LO w Szczecinie

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Last Tuesday, there was an event that many of us had been awaiting impatiently – the International Day. You may ask what it is. To those who aren’t familiar yet, I would like to explain what the thing is and what it includes. Basically, the International Day is a party organized by our students from second classes and their English teachers. Each of the classes is divided into small groups by their English level.
As I have explained the main idea, it is time to describe the event itself. Well, each of the groups represented one country chosen by them. To our disbelief and surprise there were even representatives of Atlantis. There were also more typical countries such as Greece, England, Ireland, Austria, USA or France. Each of them danced national dances to the accompaniment of national music. I have to say that the group which I would never forget is the group from Greece. If there is somebody who doesn’t remember them, he or she has to try to recall those nearly naked boys and their cardboard sandals. Honestly, I am pretty disappointed, because our beloved warriors just stood quietly in the corner - It would be great to see them dancing and encouraging the public to join them. Of course,  there were others who danced. It was clear that students prepared their performances themselves. However, they were extremely entertaining and nice to watch. The more their shows were the kind of handmade, the more laughter we heard. But there is always a little difference between being not prepared and being under pressure. For example, there was a group which sang a song of  “One direction”. Well, I am not a fan of this kind of music, but to make things worse they had the lyrics in front of them. They didn’t dance and just stood in the corner. I am not even sure if it wasn’t a playback. Nevertheless, the show went on very well.
Later, when the last group had already presented themselves, we could buy something to eat. You could find a lot of food there from pizzas to cakes. These were all different national dishes. Atlantis had a little problem – the culture of this country isn’t well known to us. However, they coped with it. They served salt water. Even though it was similar to our typical water, tasting it was a great experience! I am looking forward to the next  International Day!

Wojtek Łabuń In